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About Us

A shift in direction

Opened in 2015 Heaton Electrical Contracting PTY LTD has been focused on delivering exceptional value and service in all aspects of the electrical industry. However, over the past 2 years our focus has shifted to renewable energy. This shift has resulted in a re branding more in line with what we are about and so, Heaton Energy was born.

Since our switch, Heaton Energy has installed thousands of roof top solar panels on hundreds of homes in south east QLD and NSW. This year alone the numbers are already insane:
- 2,396+ Solar Panels Installed
- 719 KW Installed
- 93 Homes and Businesses now enjoying the savings that solar provides.

Our numbers are cool, but we want to help more people benefit from rooftop solar. So please, if you are interested in Solar Power reach out to us and we would be more than happy to help.

Committed to Quality

Before we began our involvement in renewable energy we noticed excessively cheap solar systems and excessively expensive solar systems... It is easy to see why the latter option is very UN appealing as no one wants to pay overly inflated prices, however it can become much more difficult for consumers to see why "cheapest" is not always "best"

Cheaper solar systems can often (not always) end in heartache for the customer once the installation has taken place. That is why it is always important to ask yourself where the savings are coming from:

Are they installing cheaper gear? If so this leaves your install susceptible to the plethora of faults that can plague an installation such as: poor performance, faulty solar panels, failed inverters and much more.
Are they cheaping out on installation? In many cases this can end up a lot worse than them using cheap gear... If the sales company is paying their installers bottom dollar to complete your installation you can only imagine the type of poor workmanship that will be taking place on your roof and inside your roof space. The results can be huge: Roof leaks, Poor terminations resulting in hot spots or worst care fire, Rusting roof sheets, cracked roof tiles, panels not installed straight, the list goes on.

While we do agree that during the installation process things do happen, you want to make sure that in the event of an issue with your installation you can have the customer support you need to ensure necessary repairs are made quickly and hassle free. This is where we strive to excel above all others, we endeavor to ensure that all urgent matters are resolved in hours not days, and all minor issues are solved in days not weeks!

In addition we also find the perfect balance between cost and budget. Only ever using gear we know and trust matched with one of our own in house installation teams who have all been extensively trained by our 2 company Directors.



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